These are photos taken during the 2006 Kenilworth Chess Club Championship, in reverse chronology (beginning with the last rounds).

FM Steve Stoyko vs. NM Mark Kernighan, playing for the championship title.

The under-1800 championship was decided between Ed Selling and Bob Pelikan.

In the last round of the event, attention focused on the playoff game between FM Steve Stoyko (center, with hat) and NM Mark Kernighan.

NM Scott Massey versus FM Steve Stoyko.

Discussing the game Massey versus Kernighan following round 5.

Play in Round 4.

Round 2 featured Kernighan versus John Moldovan.

More Round 2 games.

Round 2 games.

TD Geoff McAuliffe helps enter games for our website from under-1800 champ Bob Pelikan.


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