Favorite Chess Books

By Greg Tomkovich

How to Think Ahead in Chess by I.A. Horowitz & Fred Reinfeld (1976)
One of my favorite chess books is "How to Think Ahead in Chess" by I.A. Horowitz & Fred Reinfeld. This book recommends the Stonewall Attack for White and the Sicilian Dragon for Black against e4 and the Lasker Variation against d4. Although I no longer use the Stonewall(except as a rare surprise weapon) I won many impressive games with it in my younger days. I still use the Dragon regularly, and occasionally Lasker's Defense. This is still a good book for C class and below players.
How to Think in Chess by Jan Przewoznik and Marek Soszynski
This book is based on a series of problems in which you have to find the best plan for each side. These are real positions, not made up problems. The positions are quite complex and the obvious moves are not usually best. It definitely requires some creative thinking. I have spent several hours on some of these positions without seeing all the possibilities. I would recommend this book for A players and above.



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