Event Info

The 2006 Kenilworth Chess Club Championship was won for the second year in a row by FM Steve Stoyko, and the under-1800 title by Bob Pelican.

Due to the growth of the club, the championship was broken into two sections: an Open section with players vying for the championship and an Under-1800 section with players vying for the Under-1800 title. The format was otherwise the same as last year's event: a time control of Game-90, with 5-second-delay upon request. Trophies for Club Champion, second place, and third place, Under-1800, and Under-1500. The event was Unrated. Entry Fee: $25, plus a $10 deposit toward excessive byes (returned at the completion of the event). Club membership ($15 adults) required. Bye Policy: Two free byes, after which players were charged $5 for each additional bye up to four. More than four byes resulted in forfeit. Tournament Director: Geoff McAuliffe (TD). For a sense of the tradition behind the tourney, check out our club history and last year's championship website .

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