KCC at the U.S. Amateur Teams East

This year's U.S. Amateur Team tournament was the largest ever, thanks in part to the Kenilworth Chess Club, which sponsored two teams and had players on a number of others. Kenilworth Chess Club A, featuring Steve Stoyko, Scott Massey, Ed Allen, and Mike Goeller, won the prize for Best New Jersey Team. The Lithuanian Sports Club team, featuring our members Ari Minkov and Ziggy Bliznikas, won the prize for Best Team under 1800. Here are some files, pictures, and links commemorating the event. I hope to develop these materials further as more games and photos become available.


Kenilworth Chess Club Players at the USATE05 (Text file or PGN)
A PGN file of games from KCC players. Please submit your games if you'd like to see them here.

All USATE05 Games (.cbv archive format)
Download the archive file from NJoyChess and open with WinZip or another program, then view with your favorite file viewer (such as Fritz or Chessbase).

USATE 2005 Crosstable by Steve Doyle
From the USCF site - use this to see how the ratings worked out.


Kenilworth A: (left to right and front to back) Steve Stoyko (Board 1), Scott Massey (Board 2), Ed Allen (Board 3), and Mike Goeller (Board 4).
Kenilworth B: (from right to left and front to back) Mark Kernighan (Board 1), Ray Massey (Board 2), Joe Demetrick (Board 3), and Mike Stallings (Board 4).
Glen Hart was at the Teams too...


US Amateur Team Winners
An online posting by Pete Tamburro listing the winners and various prizes.

NJoyChess Links
Roger Inglis offers links to Tournament Results and Games (in .cbv).

USCF Website Info
Links to all four championships around the country.

NJSCF Tournament Info
The ad for the teams. They really need their own website, don't you think?

TWIC (The Week in Chess) #541
Yup, the USATE has gotten international play. You can also download a zipped PGN file of games (which includes many others from that week).

USATE 2005 Crosstable by Steve Doyle
From the USCF site - use this to see how the ratings worked out.

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