Chess Blogs

"Chess Blogs" (short for "web logs" or online journals) are an increasingly useful source of timely chess information. This page links to blogs kept by our members and by other members of the chess community. Any additions, corrections, or information (especially the names of writers) would be appreciated.

The Kenilworthian by Michael Goeller
A frequently updated blog that surveys the world of chess from the perspective of the Kenilworth Chess Club and chess in New Jersey. Includes opening analysis, annotated master and amateur games, chess history, and local results.

The Chess Coroner by John Moldovan
A blog that specializes in post mortem analysis, covering games at the Kenilworth Chess Club, Springfield Chess Club, and the rest of NJ chess.

Kenilworth Kibitzer by Members of the KCC
A blog for all members of the Kenilworth Chess Club with something to say. Speak to a club officer for an invitation to post.

KCC Minutes and Official Notices by the Officers of the Kenilworth Chess Club
All club officers are able to post to this blog to keep members up to date about what's going on and what is planned.

Other Current Chess Blogs

Chessbase News from ChessBase
Features the most up-to-date news from the world of chess.

Boylston Chess Club Weblog
An excellent and historically important club weblog, with a very extensive and current listing of other chessblogs. This is the center of the chess blogging universe, and I think "DG" has done a lot to promote chess blogging generally.

Susan Polgar Chess Forum by GM Susan Polgar
A frequently updated blog by one of the most valuable promoters of chess in the U.S. Covers scholastic, women's, and world chess news. Also features a daily puzzle. The fun design and frequent kid-friendly cartoons make it a great vehicle for promoting chess for young people, but the content is directed at a general chess readership.

The Daily Dirt Chess Blog by Mig Greengard
A blog devoted to major chess happenings and world chess events. Since it is by far the most popular chess blog around, the comments are often as interesting as the blog itself.

Chess Vibes (English) by Peter Doggers
High level gossip and commentary on recent major chess events. This blog is like the Daily Dirt with a more European perspective. First-rate material.

The Chess Mind by NM Dennis Monokroussos
Very high level commentary on very current games and events by a 2300-rated master. Formerly Dennis M's Chess Site. Excellent. I especially like his annotations to recent GM games presented in java applet form.

Jim West on Chess by NM Jim West
Jim uses his site to reprint many of his great articles on opening analysis (especially of the Philidor Counter Gambit) from issues of the excellent Atlantic Chess News, to annotate recent games from NJ players, and to comment on various chess-related things. An excellent blog with frequent updates.

Confessions of a Chess Novice by Eric Thomson (a.k.a. Blue Devil Knight)
"The trials and tribulations of an F-class Player..." Lots of intelligent and interesting commentary on the author's quest for chess improvement. The best chess self-improvement blog.

Greenpoint Chess and Go Club by Jeffrey
Blog of the Brooklyn club with frequent updates and puzzles for lower rated players.

Scholastic Chess Gateway by Steve Goldberg
An excellent source for U.S. scholastic chess info and discussion. Very timely and frequently updated.

The Knights from the Castle Kinmbark by Tom Panelas
A local site devoted to scholastic chess in the Chicago area, but well-maintained and interesting.

Streatham & Brixton Chess Club by Tom Chivers, et. al.
An excellent, frequently updated, and very current blog from the popular London club.

The Closet Grandmaster from Australia
This site just started a month or two ago, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. It features very frequent (twice daily) updates of Australia-area tournament news, links to news items, and occasional first-hand reports and games.

Chess Notes by Edward Winter
The great chess historian's web log of recent archival discoveries. Features excellent historical photos and book references.

Open Chess Diary by Tim Krabbe
This long-standing and well written blog by noted author Tim Krabbe features his collection of discoveries and off-beat "world chess records" (from longest game without a capture to unusual under-promotions). It's a must-visit site, rich in content and excellent writing. See also his main page titled Chess Curiosities.

Shakmaty Bereolos by FM Peter Bereolos
Excellent blog of the Tennessee master, full of analysis of his recent games and instructional commentary on endings (including corrections of various published endgame analysis).

Chess Blog for Girls by GM Susan Polgar
A blog devoted to chess among young women, especially in events sponsored by the author's group or affiliates.

International Master Ben Finegold by IM Ben Finegold
A good new entry into the blogosphere by future GM Finegold, mostly traking his play in Chicago FIDE events.

Atomic Patzer by Thomas Stanics
A great new blog by a fellow New Jersey amateur.

Begin Chess: Chess for Beginners
A blog that tries to meet the needs of people just learning the game.

The Patzer's Tale by Paul Gorman
A very well-written blog by a smart, questioning mind. His recent posts about looking for Shane (author of SCID) are interesting.

Chess: Chess News, Chess Links, Chess Book Reviews & Chess Adventures by Carlos Hemmers
The subtitle more or less sums up its content, and this is certainly an ambitious and interesting effort to generate good chess content. Worth a visit.

Tactics Tactics Tactics!? Two Class C Players Adventure in Improving Their Chess Game by Methods Recommended by Michael De La Maza by Sancho Pawnza
The title says it all. Another writer who is making excellent progress by working through the Convekta program advocated by the man from La Maza and keeping careful records of his progress and that of his friend. He also offers good advice on using other programs to improve. The blog is getting better and better.

Self Flagellation to the Goddess Caissa: In the Tradition of (Don) Man de la Maza and Sancho Pawnza, another Man's Journey to Escape the Land of Class D Rated Chess Using the Techniques of Michael De La Maza by Pale Morning Dun
A great tribute to the Quixotean (or Pythonesque) group of questers, followers of La Maza's methods of chess improvement. Focuses exclusively on the writer's games and experiences with trying to improve as a player. Well done, if a bit narrowly focused. Weblog by Chessmith
Links, games, and commentary - from Canada.

J'Adoube...the Off-Center Knight by Jim
The struggles of an improving player are laid bare to the world in a very amusing writing style. Most recent posts feature his attempts to work through Convekta's CT-ART program in preparation for Minnesota. Much improved.

BlueEyedRook : My quest for Chess understanding... get ready for a long, bumpy and (quite likely) never-ending ride! by Blue-Eyed Rook (Washington, D.C.)
A De la Mazan (though perhaps unallied) with comments on openings, including the French, King's Gambit, and Philidor. Strictly e-pawn.

Chess Nonsense by Paul Salsido
At least he has the right attitude...and an excellent sense of design.

King of the Spill: ...a chess only blog tracking one player's attempt to not suck so bad by King of the Spill
Discussion of his tactical training, book reviews, and some interesting mini-essays. His "Fundamental Checkmates" page is definitely worth the visit.

King's Gambit by Toni
A good blog featuring well-annotated games illustrated by ChessPad diagrams. "Blog dedicated to chess games and tactics, learning chess, analyzing games, kibitzing etc." Features good amateur discussion of openings and frequent problems to solve.

Der Alter Goniff by Correspondence Master Edward Gaillard
Gaillard is trying to get back into over-the-board chess, where he once held a master rating. A fun and useful site, with explanations of technical web-building info, Gaillard's games, some mini-essays, book reviews and links. The title is Yiddish for "old swindler." Warning: best not viewed via dial-up modem or with an old browser.

The Chess Underground by NM Pete Karagianis
One of the better long-running chess blogs, with intelligent commentary and occasional essays or well-annotated games.

Sarah's Chess Journal: The History and the Culture of Chess by Sarah
She's back. An eclectic collection of commentary -- from girls in chess, to history, to games. Formerly at

Pawn in the Game by Jens Madsen
"The notebook of a chess enthusiast." A blog with a unique design, a rich variety of content, and more interactive content than most. Features a forum, chat, and frequent visitor comments. Madsen has an unpublished rating of 2300. Because of frequent server downtime, he may eventually move the blog elsewhere.

Phorku's Chess Blog by Phorku
A new knight who does a good job of documenting his travails toward chess improvement.

Dread Pirate Josh: A One-Eyed Knight's Battles with Chess by Dread Pirate Josh
"Ahrrrr, and avast ye tactics lubbers. We'll find that treasure yet." One of the better la Maza-inspired blogs, featuring links to the writer's games in java-applet form. Too bad he is ending it.

An Experiment in Rapid Chess Improvement: Record of my experience in undertaking Michael de la Maza's "Rapid Chess Improvement" program
by Chris "Fussy Lizard" (Austin, TX)
An interesting blog. But Chris's writings on amateur astronomy are even better.

Druss Blog by Druss
A chess improvement blog with weekly posts.
They have a great program for making chess diagrams and they have a blog.

Chess Strategy
A blog that features annotated games with a focus on middlegame strategy.

Aspiring Grandmaster by Rosemund Holder (a.k.a. Guruchess)
A chess improvement blog from Barbados of a 1300-player looking to more than double her rating. She recently won the Ladies National Championship of Barbados.

And Then There Was Chess by Edwin "Dutch Defence" Meyer
Formerly "Less Rapid Chess Improvement." A Knight Errant with the same quest but from Amsterdam (hence the nickname "Dutch Defence"). Also keeps My Chess Notebook chess blog and some others.

Robert Pearson's Chess Blog by Robert Pearson
A new blog by a former A-player rediscovering the game after many years.

Chess Collector
A fun French blog that publishes many photos from old films.

The Chess Circuit by Adam Raoof (FIDE Organizer)
Commentary and news on the British Grand Prix, with excellent photography.

FIDE Chess in Chicago by Sevan A. Muradian
A blog devoted to organizing FIDE tournaments in Chicago, connected to the FIDE Chess in Chicago website.

Central Oregon Chess Journal by Sean Tobin
A 1900-player's musings on the Oregon chess scene, with games, pictures, and wider reflections.

Renaissance Knights Town Crier: Chess News Journal
The frequently updated club news for the excellent Renaissance Knights Community Chess Club website.

Windward Chess Club Forum by Frank Alejandro
An interesting window into chess in Hawaii and at the Windward Chess Club.

Delaware Chess Weblog: Check Out the Delaware Chess Scene! by Tom "Doc" Fleetwood
Features useful news of the Delaware state chess scene plus national news.

Nigeria Chess Players Forum by Nigeria Chess Players
Filled with news about chess in Nigeria, this blog does not shy away from controversy. An interesting read even for outsiders.

Jim Eade's Chess Journal by FM Jim Eade
Weekly postings offer current links to chess news from a Life and FIDE Master.

Online Chess Blog by Satish Talim
Useful info from a 1400-rated Indian player. See also his meta-blog of Chess Bloggers and his Chess Blogs Lens at Squidoo. Satish has done a lot to help organize the chess blogging community, especially by starting the chessblog tag. He seems distracted by work of late.

Scacchierando by Stefano Bellincampi
A new Italian language blog with some good photos.

A Norwegian entry into the blogosphere, featuring tactical exercises.

Shabanovsky vs. Bloggers by GM Jean Luc Chabanon
Sort of "Chabanon versus the blogosphere." Join the fun.

Bitácora de un ajedrecista by Marcelo Jorquera
A Spanish-language blog from Chile with some nice classic images and more philosophy than actual games.

Schachblätter by Stefan Kalhorn and Carsten Herrmann
Interesting German-language chess blog with good German links.

En Passant Schachblog by Meisterecke
German-language blog.

Ajedrez por Sertal by Sertal
Spanish-language Chilean blog with current news coverage.

Steve Learns Chess by Steve Eddins
A great self-improvement blog by a very committed 1400-player.

Slugfest by Clint Ballard
The blog devoted to promoting and its anti-draw concept.

Coffeehouse Chess Monster by Lee Gordon Seebach
A Master painter's thoughts on chess. Timely, well-written, and engaging. Blog by Stephen Robson
Blog by the developer of the Plastic Bishop play site details his programming and chess travails.

Qxh7# by Qxh7#
A fun and interesting self-improvement blog with good screenshots and links. The author invites you to play him online, and if you take him up on it I suggest you castle queenside or watch that h7 square.

Globular's Chess Blog by Globular
A Boston-area 1600-player's recently revived blog featuring his games and general commentary.

The Buzzbeez by Mike Magnan
New blog by the chess cartoon artist who has provided his fun, scholastic-player friendly images to the Susan Polgar blog.

Royal Lopez Chess Club by Royal Lopez
New blog serving youth chess education in Meath, Ireland.

Just Chess by Mark Stockwell
A Londoner shares his chessboard adventures (with lots of annotations).

Bill Wall's Chess Blog by Bill Wall
A blog mostly devoted to Mr. Wall's gigantic website and to his games on the web. Also available through Google's cache. Not frequently updated.

Patzer's Progress by Anthony Toohey
The "musings and blog" of a developing player.

Chess Pundit by The Christopher (Houston)
An excellent discussion of the writer's recent games and thoughts, with good use of diagrams.

Caissa's Confabulations by Qaundoman
Some have depicted this as the "anti-De-La-Maza-blog" due to one entry that drew lots of feedback, but it's mostly devoted to B-level games. Offers some excellent games with gambit lines and good annotations.

Blog of a Chess Nut by The Chess Nut
Australian blog with coverage of national and world chess events.

Chess Moves by tanc
New Australian blog with good design.

World of Chess by Bob (Nashville)
Weekly postings related to current world chess events.

A chessblog devoted mostly to scholastic chess, which bills itself mysteriously as "The chess channel of the undernet."

Adam's Chess Blog by Various Writers (including J. Horner)
This blog actually appears to be an open-authored endeavor. Lately it has featured postings by someone interested in computer chess programs.

Wholesale Chess News by WholesaleChess
"New products, reviews, feedback and daily news from Wholesale Chess!"

The Chess House by Raphael Neff
A fun place to find out about new chess products, from a man interested in selling them to you from his online Chess House store.

Chess by Bob Pawlak
Reviews of chess software. A bit too commercial.

Chess by Convekta
A blog from Convekta (the people who brought you CT-ART) to help customers access information and new offerings.

The Chess Fanatic by Ram
A fan's blog with lots of interesting blurbs on books and websites.

Chess Maniac
An impressive blog, fronting a play server and other offerings. Or is it a big site with a blog front end?

Chess Strategies by James Wilson
A blog designed to market lessons.

Riley's Chess Blog by Riley D.'sChessBlog.htm
A blog for the Dayton Chess Club.

Adventures in Georgia Tournament Chess by Chris Kilgore
Lots of "borrowed" images decorate this rising candidate-Expert's blog, which offers personal commentary on his travails.

Chess by Alberto Dominguez
Features the author's games, often against his wife, and recent games copied from online sources.

Chess Game in Colour by coulourchess
More an art site with a chess theme than a chess site, really. But it is interesting nonetheless.

Matgala by Matgala
Chess blog featuring chess analysis and commentary, in English and Catalan. The writer is also interested in math and science, so some postings and links relate to those subjects as well. Takes a while to load due to advertising and extra content.

Jose Ribeiro Chess Blog by Jose Henrique Ribeiro
A mostly Spanish site devoted mostly to beautiful chess sets and boards (with nice photos).

Hot Rock Teamchess Team by Fernando Baptista
"The home of The Rock Complex, a group of people playing chess on team competition over the internet." A good concept but no content.

India Chess
A blog devoted to chess in India and to the great Indian GMs Anand and Sasikiran.

Chess of Andre Villares by André Luiz Villares Monteiro
Mostly Spanish language entry featuring recent games by the author. He occasionally uses broken English, but it is the broken PGN notation that is a bigger problem for readers.

En Passant by Antone Roundy
A new but interesting-looking blog. Let's see how it develops.

Fooblog by Foobob
A new entry with some promising first content.

Eric Schiller Chess by FM Eric Schiller
Recent results and articles from the prolific chess writer.

Chess Strategies : A Blog for anyone interested in Chess Moves and News, Chess Strategies, Chess Games, Chess Tips, Chess Tutorial, or even just how to play Chess! by Chaddo
An e-mail / blog course on chess strategy and opening play.

The Chess Wanderer by Pawn Sensei
Very current blog devoted to the Knights Errant and their doings / postings.

Improve Your Chess or Die Trying by Celtic Death (a.k.a. Brett Helm)
The adventures of an Indiana amateur of the La Maza mould, featuring his games and conversations with some of the other Knights Errant.

Patzer's Mind: Yet Another Chess Improvement Blog by bahus
The title does little justice to this excellent blog, which features some very well-annotated games and commentary on the writer's training methods.

Chess Improvement by Effort (hatchoe) by Temposchlucker
Another knight's tale, complete with hours at the computer's mental gymnasium.

Chess Training for Improvement by Generalkaia
Another La Maza blog. This one counts the days.

Pomaranch Captain by Pomaranch Captain (RomaLavrn)
A FICS afficianado of the La Maza stripe.

Knightwiz by Knightwiz
Another quester of the La Maza model.

Takchess Chess Improvement by Jim Wuorio (takchess)
A "yesman" of the La Manza mode ("tak" in Polish means "yes"), who also follows the teachings of Dan Heisman.

Mousetrapper by Mousetrapper
Another Knight Errant -- this one from Switzerland. It is a worldwide phenomenon.

The Maza Path to Chess Mastery by Javamanissa
A new Knight who should proofread his posts.

C's Chess by C
Book reviews and tournament adventures.

Consultation Game
The title describes the site exactly: "The diagrams show the moves played in a consultation game between the gameknot team the 64squares and their team member chees."

Faith Hope Love Chess Clan by XT4JC
While waiting for the return of the King, they are playing chess. Features good chess anecdotes.

Chess Talk by Andrew Ooi
An amateur blog that makes interesting use of new web technologies. "A chess amatuer sharing his experience over the chess board in hopes in will benefit others like himself. Using audio, podcast and video to illustrate games and ideas."

Chess Cat by MyMillion
"Can an impulsive and forgetful baby boomer learn to think logically by playing chess? Will every game end in a sickening blood bath or will I eventually triumph? We'll just see, won't we."

Rapid chess improvement (Hibernia Chapter) by St. Patzer
For those who think the other Knights Errant are simply not Irish enough...this is the blog for you. "St. Patzer, patron saint to all those who suck at chess is using the De La Maza approach to improve his sinful ELO. His journey of personal enlightenment is illuminated with snippets of sound advice from fellow 'Errant Knights'. The fable continues ...."

funkyfantom by funkyantom
A good self-ironizing Knights Errant blog featuring the author's games in java applet form (though the applet seems to interfere with the formatting).

30 Day Tactics Blitz: 500 Tactics 5 Times in 30 Days by Smith-Morra
A new and infrequent blog by a knight errant wanna-be.

Smith-Morra Fanatics: 1.e4 c5 2.d4 exd4 3.c3!? by Smith-Morra
A collection of Smith-Morra's Smth-Morra games with no useful links to other Smith-Morra stuff on the web (at least not yet).

Ajedrez Ateneo by Guillermo Gomez (?)
"Un blog de Ajedrez. Un blog de Albacete. Un blog del Club Ateneo. Un blog para reunirnos a todos e informarnos del Ajedrez en Albacete" (Guillermo Gomez, 2005) Mostly club results and info, in Spanish.

And Then There Was Chess by Edwin "DutchDefence" Meyer
A La Maza mode blog with the author's online games in java applet form. His subtitle reads: "A weblog (formerly known as "Less Rapid Chess Improvement") of my efforts to try and master the game of chess a little. Oh, and ocasionally i'll let you in on some of my other hobbies as well :)"

The Knights' Defense: Tactics: The Countergambit by Montse of Ghent
A La Maza self-improvement blog and Knight Errant.

Hooked to Chess by Dark_Knight, The Hooked Knight
New but abandoned effort by Knight-Errant wanna-be.

1.E4 NF6 by Robyourcontent
An Indian chess plagiarist and pirate who deserves no traffic.

Chess for the Average Player by Silicon Pawn
A new entry that promises reviews of books and software.

The Knight's Defense by Montse
Still another new Knight, this one from Ghent (a place that once bred real knights).

Jaced on Chess
One category of a multi-subject blog.

Maverick Philosopher: Chess by William F. Vallicella
A philosopher's chess blog, or a chess player's philosophy blog on occasion.

One Good Move by Norm Jenson
Mostly political reflections by an occasional chess player.

Ugly Chart by Ugly Chart
A blog devoted to picking stocks by a guy with an obsession with free cell and chess (and some other things). More stocks than chess.

Kansas John's Xanga Site by "Kansas" John Yowan
A young player's journal of hanging out with friends and playing chess.

Vox Clamantis in Deserto by Brandon
A college student's personal journal with occasional commentary on chess.

What Just Happened: Pictures (and Text) from Our Life in Montclair
Pictures and commentary from a parent living in New Jersey who has a chess-playing son and other family members. Lots of photos -- but chess is not the only thing on their minds.

Cameron Reilly: Chess by Cameron Reilly
He plays occasionally...

Chess Improvement Efforts by Vibi
A personal improvement journal (of the private type--more for the author than the audience).

Mike Serovey on Chess by Mike Serovey
A blog devoted to his ICC games, mostly. Last I visited there seemed to be technical difficulties. It may still be active.

Armand Rousso's Blog by Armand Rousso
Makes you wonder how many other billionaire financiers have blogs? This one has sponsored international chess.

Shahmat: Iranian Chess Player's Network
We strive to be complete and international in our listings, you see... I have no clue what this is though.

Chess the Game
As opposed to "chess the movie" perhaps? Light-weight entries surrounded by ads.

Brighton Chess Club Weblog
Featues info on Brighton chess and ICC games by the author. Not to be confused with the BCC Weblog (though I hardly see how you could).

Chess Dude by Amazing fact of the day
Recent post on news and events.

Blogs No Longer Maintained

Chess for Blood by Patrick
A well-written and well-designed blog with a consistent point of view (announced by its title). One of my favorites.

Chess News and Events by Goran Urosevic
"The purpose of this blog is to provide chess news and atricles. You`ll be able to find reports on the biggest chess events and tournaments and improve your game with our free courses." A very timely news-oriented blog with good content and links.

Jon Edwards's Chess Blog by Corr. GM Jon Edwards
A great "classic" weblog featuring interesting links and annotated games, from the correspondence champ and New Jersey resident. It has not been updated in over a year, but if you go through the archives you'll find lots of interesting stuff.

The Yermo Diary by GM Alex Yermolinski
This is really a brave and challenging GM blog that sticks a few fingers in the eye of the chess establishment and tells it like it is. I am glad that the chess archive exists to preserve things like this.

ChessWatch from Chess fm (ICC)
An excellent daily news ticker, with links to articles on the web.

Man de la Maza by Don (and Randy)
A tremendously influential blog in the world of amateur chess development. Its author(s) recently retired from the field, but its followers are still active on the quixotic quest.

GMI Shabanovsky by IGM Jean Luc Chabanon
An eclectic collection of photographs (both current and historical) and commentary on chess happenings. Check out Chabanon's FIDE card. Chabanon's "multi-blog" is a developing project to which he comes back from time to time.

Chess Report by GM Jean Luc Chabanon and Alexandra Wilson
A collection of games, positions, photos (both historical and contemporary), and various things European-chess-related. In English. The first entry describes the site as follows: "Chess Report is a kind of webzine written by a chess grand master (translation by miss AW). There you will not find all the chess news. I am still playing & coaching. But I will try to show you the chesslife in my travel & in the world. Portraits, analysis, report under the expert eye."

Take the Rook by GM Jean Luc Chabanon and Alexandra Wilson
It is difficult to distinguish this site from the one above.

Echec et mat by GM Jean Luc Chabanon and GM Eloi Relange
A French-language blog with some interesting insider pictures and info from the major European tourney tour. Not recently updated.

Mooggy by GM Jean Luc Chabanon
Inspired by artist and chessplayer Marcel Duchamps, the site allows the French GM to express his artistic side in only an occasionally chess-related way. Very mod. Or hyper-mod, man.

Maurice's Blog at Generation Chess by GM Maurice Ashley
The blog of the famous African-American GM, chess teacher, TV commentator, and tournament organizer. I think he is too busy to post.

Kyle's Chess Spot by Kyle Askine
A Knight who almost made it into the big money.

GM Robert Fontaine by GM Robert Fontaine
A 75-year-old French GM kept a blog for two months.

Chess Morph
An interesting blog with commentary on recent GM games, computer programs, and new books.

Chess by Michalis Kaloumenos
A blog and puzzle collection by Michalis Kaloumenos. Use the links along the right side to discover the buried content and archives. Fun for some.

PlayChess Diary by Thomas Stahl
German chess diary with links.

Modblog by Derek880
This blog features some very well annotated games, both by the author and classic games. Good stuff. Hope he returns to it again.

Chess Boxing by Nicholas Mercador
A defunct but interesting 2004 blog devoted only partly to the "chess boxing" phenomenon.

2004 Boylston Chess Club Championship by David Glickman
A wonderfully complete presentation of a club championship tournament. This was DG's introduction to blogging, which led him to start the popular Boylston Chess Club Weblog, which some consider the center of the chessblog universe.

Art of Chess
The main page features short notes about chess news items. The more interesting content includes an introduction to basic openings, links to themed chess sets, and links to classic articles (including the full text of Bobby Fischer's "Bust to the King's Gambit"--which I assume is still under copyright and therefore reproduced here illegally, so get it while you can).

2005 U.S. Chessmaster Championship ChampBlog
They set up a computer at the championship and lured everyone to make an entry and post their picture. Not a bad "stunt" to help promote the championship, but it could have been so much more.

Magnifichess Chess Blog by Andis Kaulins
Not much content, but an early blogging effort and therefore frequently linked to by others.

Super Friends by Eric Muhr
Contains some interesting info, but some is taken from other sites.

On Board for Chess
A USCF Board member contemplates ways of improving the organization.

In Honor of Nezhmetdinov by Nezha
A Knight Errant with a hero complex -- though he has chosen well, of course. Then he picked up the guitar again is my guess...

Sonja's Chess Journey
Two months of thoughts by a young Canadian woman interested in getting back into chess, at which she excelled as a kid. She gets lots of comments and often responds, sharing a very nice picture.

Bill's Correspondence Chess Diary by William Je...
A devoted Golden Knights player shares his thoughts and games.

Blog do Xadrez (Chess Blog)
Collects chess news items from around the world, in Spanish and English. Not frequently updated and no original content.

Becoming a Chess Master by Edward
A Californian B-player's quest to make the big 2200--but apparently an abandoned quest.

65th Square by Fatboy
One of the Knights Errant who got distracted from the quest by more serious matters.

32 Pieces of My Mind: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of One Guy's Attempt to Learn How to Play Chess by Chessguy (North Carolina)
An abandoned effort with mostly losing games by the author.

Desperate Measures by Desperate Measures
I believe this knight has abandoned the quest as well.

The Musings of a Desperate Chessplayer by Jason, the Orange Knight
Short-lived and abandoned effort by a Knight Errant.

Bungalow Bill by William Schulte (Illinois)
Postings mostly focus on the author's high school chess team.

Chess Spectator by Ng Bayan
Chess improvement advice from a coach, along with commentaries on internet chess stories.

Chess Learning by PT
Thinks a lot about how to think in chess.

The Paradoxical Knight: Zeon's Chess Blog by Thomas Larsen
A new entry into the "chess improvement journal" genre of chessblogs. Best known lately for his worldwide map of the La Maza "Knights Errant" chess improvement phenomenon.

Maza for Endgame: One Class A Player's Adventure in Improving His Chess Game by a Modified Method of Michael De La Maza, with Endgame Studies! by Vic
At least he is doing something different -- and posting some interesting positions.

Chess and Choir by Princess Errant Margriet
A female Knight Errant. You can tell because she uses a pink background.

Harmless's Quest to Become Not So Harmless at Chess by Harmless64
Another Knight Errant.

A Dragon's Quest: A Chessplayer's Quest for the Holy Grail by Silverdragon
An English-writing Swede's Dragon-themed daily tracker of his tactics training.

Monash University Chess Association
Good but infrequently updated site for the University club.

Views of a Patzer by Kannan Ramanathan
An Indian blogger's reflections. He's getting married, so likely will be lost to the chess blogosphere very soon.

A Patzer's Quest by Fraktal
"A chess amateur's path towards that elusive chess greatness. Patzer to patzer." A chess improvement blog with good links and advice. Guess the quest came to an end.

Yet Another Patzer by a Patzer from Argentina
Abandoned chess improvement blog.

Bryan's Chess World by Bryan Castro
A journal with links to articles he has written--some very good--on practical play and concentration.

The Road to Chess Mastery by Stuart Graham
A short-lived summer 2004 journal likely inspired by reading the Yermo book.

Chess Obsession by Kale and Kevin Knowles
It's worthwhile slogging through the archives of this blog, which are quite rich with material.

Viking Sword: A Knight in Quest of Completing the 7 Circles of La Maza by Viking Sword
Another knight on the La Maza quest for chess improvement.

Aidan's Gambit: In Pursuit of Chess Mastery by Aidan
An independent blog of the la Maza mode.

Sarah's Chess Log: All Chess, All the Time by Sarah Cohen
An abandoned effort by an editor at

The Openings by Alan DeNiro
A sometimes funny series of poems titled after each of the standard chess openings.

Houston Chess by Glenn Wilson
"Houston, we have a problem..." I couldn't resist, since this seems to be an abandoned effort.

Amateur's Notebook by Kevin Taylor
Could not access, but found it listed.

Begin Chess: Chess for Beginners
A good collection of materials for beginners, with a focus on tactics. Updated regularly.

To Drag Out of the Marsh the Hippopotamus: Oh, What a Difficult Job It Was to Become a Strong Chess Player by Scitcat
Publishes games by the Knights Errant.

Chess Blog: A Blog of My Chess Studies by Peter Dove
A new self-improvement blog by a 1700-player who favors the French Defense. MIA.

Extreme Chess Federation by Admiral Lime Guy
I must have come along in the middle.... A blog supporting the seemingly crazy quest to establish a "lime flavored" chess network with exteme taste.


Other Listings and Information on Chess Blogs

Boylston Chess Club Weblog by David Glickman
One of the best and most current listings of chess blogs.

Chess Blogs at by Mark Weeks and Sarah Cohen
Readers are invited to post chess blogs they know. All are posted in a series of forums, kept quite current.

Technorati Blog Finder: chess
Technorati's beta listing of chess-related blogs. It needs some adjusting, since it lists some non-chess blogs and alphabatizes blogs beginning with "The" under "T," but it is a useful list. Less useful of late is their Tag: Chess, which is not universally adopted and too often used by spammers or idiots.

Blogshares is set up parallel to the stock market as a way of valuing sites. The "chess industry" is tracked here. You can also search Bloglines for Chess, but it yields mixed results.

Chess Blogs at the Chess Wiki
A reader-edited site listing "chess blogs."

Chess Blogs at Wikipedia
A reader-edited listing and discussion of "chess blogs." Well, they don't allow in "Knights Errant," but it seems they accept "chess blogs." Give them time...


About Blogging Generally

Why You Blog by Susan Schaibly

How to Write a Better Weblog by Dennis Mahoney

A Blogger Manifesto and The Blogging Revolution by Andrew Sullivan

The Tipping Blog by John Hiler

Into the Blogosphere, edited by Laura Gurak, et. al.

"Bloggers: A Portrait of the Internet's New Storytellers" (see PDF ), by the Pew Internet Research

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