Club Information

The Kenilworth Chess Club meets every Thursday night beginning at 8:00 p.m. in the Recreation Center at 575 Kenilworth Boulevard in Kenilworth, NJ (at the corner of 24th Street and right next door to the Administration Building - see Directions for details.) Enter through the rear door. Membership fees for 2020 are $15, with discounts for students, juniors (<18), seniors (65+) and for membership after June 1. Visitors and new members are always welcome and membership is not required to visit or play.

Club Officers & Trustees


jack mckorkell
Jack McCorkell

Treasurer & TD

geoff mcauliffe
Dr. Geoff McAuliffe

Trustee (3 Years)

joe renna
Joe Renna

Trustee (1 year)

pat mazzillo
Pat Mazzillo

V.P. & Secretary

dave lazarus
Dave Lazarus


john moldovan
John Moldovan

Trustee (3 Years)

greg tomkovich
Greg Tomkovich

Club Members

NM Mauricio Camejo
Ted Cross
Joseph Dovydaitis
Peter Engelhardt
Neil Friedlander

Paul Gottlieb
LM Mark Kernighan
LM Scott Massey
James Morrison
Howard Osterman

Luis Ruales
Ed Selling
Lou Sturniolo
Greg Tomkovich
Humberto Vargas
Andy Wolman

Other Information

Club Constitution

Directions to the Club


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