The following sites offer useful material to help you study the endgame.

Basic Pawn Endings by Georgi Orlov
Great introduction to the opposition and key squares.

Chess Kit Endgame
Some excellent endings with commentary and analysis.

Achim's Chess Page
Features some deep endgame analysis.

John Tamplin's Tablebases
Go to his Endgame Tablebase. This is an amazing tutorial for all levels of players.

Exeter Chess Club Handouts
Excellent mini-tutorials on the basic endgames.

The Basics of Rook and Pawn Endings
Covers the basic winning ideas in Rook endings, including the Philidor position.

Endgame Corner by Karsten Müller.
A bit advanced but quite excellent stuff. You can also download all his previous articles or find them in the Chess Cafe Archives. It appears that his column has been suspended due to illness, but we hope he will return.

The Instructor by Mark Dvoretsky
A wonderful series of articles at Chess Cafe which often features endgames. You can also download previous articles or see them at the Chess Cafe Archives.

Ken Thompson's Comprehensive Endgame Database
Perhaps a bit advanced for beginners, this site offers a complete analysis of piece endings. The interface is easy to use, though, and I think anyone will learn something from just playing through the lines.

Shakmaty Bereolos by GM Peter Bereolos
Excellent blog of the Tennessee master, full of analysis of his recent games and instructional commentary on endings (including corrections of various published endgame analysis).

Maza for Endgame: One Class A Player's Adventure in Improving His Chess Game by a Modified Method of Michael De La Maza, with Endgame Studies! by Vic
A chess blog devoted to documenting the writer's attempts to improve his chess specifically by studying endgame positions.

Working on Your Mistakes by Mark Dvoretsky
Some deep analysis of R+K v. R+K+2P (including f+h) positions.


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