Links to Links

The following sites or pages offer good directories to chess on the web.

La Mecca's "Clink" Links
Reader rated links to sites on the web.

Chessville's Comprehensive Links Index
One of the most truly comprehensive sets of links on the web.

Bill Wall's Chess Links
A huge collection of alphabetized links.

A good set of links to links, though increasingly in need of updating.

Chess Portal
In various languages, with good links.

Chess on the Net
Graham Brown's excellent annotated links site is part of The site includes links to his articles too, which are lots of fun. Check it out.

Chessmayne Chess Dictionary
A useful reference, offering links or brief definitions to common or obscure chess terms.

Yahoo! Chess Links
Links to the most used chess resources on the web.

Google's Web Directory
A rather poorly organized but fairly inclusive directory of links to chess sites. This page is very hard to find off of the main directory page. After all, who would think to look for "Chess" under "Genres/Abstract/Battle Games"? I don't know who came up with these categories, but they could not possibly have usability tested it....

CJA Links
An excellent collection of quality links maintained by J. Franklin Campbell.

A good list of links.

Chess Land
Useful links and downloads of recent games and endings, some annotated.

Chess Stuff by Lucian Millis
Nice design and frequent updates.

Die Besten Schachlinks
A good listing of international links.

Deutscher Schachbund Links
German language, with many international links.

Russian Chess Links
A nice page of links from

Schaak Pagina
A very full page of international links.

Chess Theory
An interesting French site with links and commentary.

Chess Puzzle Games: Chess Links
An interesting collection with brief annotations.
A huge assortment of categorized chess links.

Jaap van der Kooij's Schaak links
A good collection of links from the Schaak site.

Liodice's Chess Collection
Excellent links to computer programs on the web and much more.

Stephen Pribut's Links
A good set of links here. But I liked the old page better.

Steve Pickle's Chess Links Page
This was once a good collection, but it has gone out of date and has many broken links.

Johanes' Chess Page
A great collection of useful links in various categories, but many broken links here.


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